XYTEL - The Pilot Plant Manufacturer for the Oil&Gas and Chemical Industries
The Pilot Plant Manufacturer for the Oil&Gas and Chemical Industries

Company Profile

Established in 1974, Xytel quickly became the world's leader in advanced, automated pilot plants and process systems engineering. Since then, we have commissioned more than 600 pilot plants worldwide.

More than half our customers have returned for additional plants, sending a clear signal that we are yet today the world's foremost pilot plant designer and manufacturer. Whether you need a one-of-a-kind lab-scale unit or a complete turnkey mini-plant, you benefit from our unrivaled depth of technological knowledge and experience.

Our range of experience stretches over more than 135 different products, from ammonia to zeolites, fructose to fuel cells, jet fuels to waxes.

Xytel also has worked with every type of homogeneous and heterogeneous reaction - both catalytic and non-catalytic: hydrogenation, polymerization, liquefaction, pyrolysis, fermentation, distillation and crystallization, as well as all petroleum refining processes. Xytel has led breakthroughs and compiled an impressive list of "firsts." We have designed systems that involve virtually every known unit operation and we continue to advance with disciplines that are currently evolving.

Xytel has developed a wide expertise in thermal enhanced oil recovery (thermal EOR) in the laboratory and on the field. We offer a full range of laboratory equipment to simulate steam injection in isothermal and adiabatic conditions and air injection at reservoir temperature and pressure. We perform screening tests in our laboratory to assess the feasibility of air injection for a given oil/matrix. Based on laboratory results, we perform the basic sizing of the surface compressors and production section.

Xytel ships over half its projects outside the United States. And Xytel India, a joint venture of Xytel and Kvaerner Powergas Ltd. of India, adds complementary state-of-the-art expertise in Southeast Asia. The combined knowledge and experience represented by Xytel and Xytel India allows you to focus your creative energy on using your pilot plant rather than on building it.

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